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COVID-19 assessment centre prepares for fall/winter operation

A heated, winterized structure is being assembled in the southwest corner of the lower parking lot at Stevenson Memorial Hospital
Traffic Flow AC
Image provided by Stevenson Memorial Hospital shows traffic flow for newly winterized COVID-19 assessment centre.

The COVID-19 Assessment Centre at Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH) is continuing its operation as the fall season progresses and is preparing for the winter months with the construction of a new structure on site.

Starting today, the assembly of a heated, winterized structure will take place in the southwest corner of the lower parking lot which will transition to the Hospital’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre in early November. The Assessment Centre will continue to operate as a drive-thru operation, but the new 40 ft long x 20 ft wide structure will have a garage door on each end that can house two cars at a time.

Traffic will continue to flow through SMH’s lower parking lot to the new Assessment Centre and back out to Fletcher Crescent once complete. (please refer to diagram attached).

“We are continuing to operate our COVID-19 Assessment Centre to meet the needs of our community as the weather changes,” says Jody Levac, President and CEO, SMH. “Our new structure will ensure our staff and community members are safe from the elements. We are keeping our Centre onsite for many reasons, including proximity to our Lab, stewardship of PPE, IT support and for our staff who are redeployed to other areas once their shifts are complete at the Centre.”

Those seeking COVID-19 tests at SMH are required to call and book a same-day appointment by calling (249) 501-0383.

The Assessment Centre operates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The phone line opens at 7 a.m. each operating day. For more information about SMH’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre, please visit the website.