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Busy mom of 3 takes the time to give back to local church

When Shari Goss moved to Bradford nine years ago, she knew it was a place where she wanted to raise a family and get involved with the community through volunteering

She’s a hard-working mother of three active boys and an avid volunteer at her church; local Bradford resident Shari Goss embodies what it takes to serve the community. 

Goss has been a member of the Bradford Green Valley Alliance Church for five years. During that time, she became an active volunteer within the church, helping with several activities and programs.

Goss became interested in helping at the church after a member at her former church came to her aid when she and her husband first attended, showing them compassion and assistance with their three boys – Jack, Wesley, and Justin.

“When we walked into the church, we saw parents with the same facial expressions that my husband and I had when we had little ones in a church service,” remembers Goss. “One of the things that made us relieved was when someone came and took our little ones and we got to just sit and relax."

Goss immediately formed a bond with many of the families who attended the Green Valley Alliance Church, and even became a godmother to one of the family’s younger boys.

“I know I made a difference in their lives and that just fills me with so much joy,” expresses Goss.

Over the years, Goss has been the assistant to two separate pastors and has worked with a team keeping the church organized with their day-to-day operations while they were searching for a new pastor. She oversees the church’s social media accounts and handles all office administrative tasks as well.

In addition to this she also volunteers with the Sunday school's preschool and nursery kids, assists with the sound and visual team and with announcements, checks people in and makes up baggies for the kids to keep them entertained. She was instrumental in getting a new registration system set up for their services since reopening with strict COVID policies. 

“I have always had a passion for helping others” shares Goss. “It makes me happy to make others lives easier. We chose Bradford as our home, so I try to make a difference and make it a better place”.

Goss not only volunteers her time at the church, but she has been an independent sales consultant with Norwex for the past six years; a direct sales company that sells safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

“My parents were both cleaners. My dad worked for over 25 years at the school Board in St. Catharines and both [my parents] volunteered at their church,” states Goss.

Goss attended Mohawk College for Office Administration-Executive. She moved to Bradford nine years ago fell in love with the community, solidifying where she wanted to raise her three boys.

“It’s quite hectic, but manageable,” notes Goss. “Having to school the boys during COVID added a whole new layer of crazy. But I love all of what I do, so when you have a passion for it, it makes it all easier."

Goss continues to assist the church with fundraising endeavours and has participated in several of their craft and vendor shows in the past.

Goss’ positive attitude has had its challenges over the years, however. Goss admits she suffers from social anxiety, but pushes through this condition and hopes to encourage those who also suffer to keep trying.

“I find telling people that I have an anxiety disorder helps take the power away from it, and then people want to help you get through it. I am no longer in it on my own. You can do anything with people helping you," she said.

"It has taught me that I can do anything, because anything I have ever done, I have done a little bit scared. When you realize fear isn’t going to stop you, you become pretty unstoppable."