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Local senior supporting Bradford Scouts through volunteering

'Any fundraiser we do, I take care of it,' says Scouts volunteer
Scouter Maurice McKeown helps with 1st Bradford Scouts each week

Local senior Maurice McKeown has been volunteering with the 1st Bradford Scouts group for the past five years. 

His daughter, Manon, used to be the commissioner of the group, which is how he got involved. 

"She asked me to join and in the first year I started with the fundraising," he said. "Any fundraiser we do, I take care of it, I run it."

Whether it's Scout popcorn, Scout coffee or yard-waste bag fundraisers, McKeown is there making sure each order is fulfilled. He can often be found running around Bradford, dropping off orders, all of which help support the local Scouts group. 

McKeown is semi-retired, and only works a few days a week which allows him the extra time to help out. 

In addition to the fundraising he does for the group, he also steps in to help lead the programs when other Scouters are away. 

He got his Scouter certification when he joined, which requires a six-hour training. 

"It's not difficult," he said. "You just have to put the time in."

He understands it can be hard for parents to volunteer due to work and commutes and various other commitments, so he doesn't mind stepping in to help where he can. 

But he encourages anyone interested in getting involved to give it a try. 

"It's a bit of a learning process," he said. 

When his three children were younger, he used to volunteer for their activities in bowling, T-ball and hockey.

"I would always help out," he said. "My older brother got me involved. He used to be involved in all types of fundraising and community events, and we just kept on doing it."

He was also a big part of the Kinsmen Club of Grimsby. The service club aims to foster life-long friendships while ‘serving the community’s greatest need.' 

"When I was in the Kinsmen Club I learned so much about being a volunteer, about organizing activities and things I never thought I could do," he said. 

McKeown lived in Bradford up until nine years ago when he relocated to the south end of Innisfil. 

He enjoys working with the Scout group each week and will continue to do so in the fall when the program restarts. 

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