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LETTER: Canada should step up to combat global child poverty

'Over 50 per cent of children globally still live in severe poverty, intensified by the impacts of COVID-19,' says letter writer
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Canada, proud of its historical role in children’s welfare, now faces a challenging reality.

Over 50 per cent of children globally still live in severe poverty, intensified by the impacts of COVID-19. The current state of the world’s children demands more than just a sympathetic ear — it calls for action.

Canada must demonstrate real impact in combating child poverty. Many kids are out of school, vaccinations are delayed, and food prices are rising fast. Learning poverty affects 70 per cent of 10-year-olds globally, jeopardizing their futures and community economies. Shockingly, one in five children is under-vaccinated globally, with persistent challenges in remote or conflict-affected areas.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation warns that achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) requires immediate prioritization of two in three child-related SDGs. Canada can play a transformative role by addressing these issues head-on.

Despite the pledge for annual increase to the International Assistance Envelope (IAE), Canada fell short in the 2023 budget. I urge the Canadian government to pass #AChildrensBudget, allocating $600 million in IAE for #Budget2024. This financial commitment is essential to combat child poverty globally, focusing on education, immunization, and nutrition to #ReachEveryChild. By doing so, Canada can truly lead in fostering global solidarity and creating a brighter future for every child.

Sania Saman