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LETTER: COVID-19 could make us look at things a little differently

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major effect on everyone and once it's over, it could be an opportunity to have a greater appreciation for some things when it's all said and done
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BradfordToday received the following letter regarding the effect COVID-19 has had on everyone:

What can I say about this uncontrollable force of nature?

Destructive, lethal, controlling, fear inspiring, economically destructive dynamo that destroys dreams.

Millions have either been laid off or have lost their jobs.

No longer normal business procedures allowed. Those that cannot adapt may fail.

Our civil authorities acquire more power over us. An emergency declared.

Most respond hopefully to instructions given to us by the authorities. 

Wash hands; wear masks; socially separate; self-control your environment.

This pandemic has actually united us. Inspired us to do better. 

Protect ourselves, our families, our seniors, our communities.

Heros are proclaimed and arise before us.The medical teams that take care of us, the authorites that direct us. 

Many die. All precious to us. Cherished loved ones, patriarchs, matriarchs gone but never forgotten.

We must deal with the hooligans, those that lack common sense. Those who refuse to care for their fellow neighbors by wearing masks and dutifully carrying out the necessary precautions given us.

Some mock us, belittling us for wearing masks as if the masks were symbols of oppression, symbols of weakness. Some of us can appreciate Darwinism more and more each day. Instead of the strongest, we can proclaim "the smartest" will survive.

This pandemic will end some day. Our losses will be astronomical indeed. The neighborhood will be smaller and more intimate I think. We will be able to look upon our neighbor's with greater appreciation and with an open heart, showing greater acceptance. Young and old, brown and white. We can and must unite and stay like typical Canadians with open hearts and open minds.

Best Wishes to us all.

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ont.