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LETTER: Flowery welcome to Bradford is sorely missed

Tulips were ripped from ground, and now 'the beautiful introduction to our town lies bare,' laments letter writer
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I always look forward to the beautiful garden and landscaping each spring on the west side of Barrie Street/Yonge Street, just south of the 8th Line.

The town maintenance department never disappoints, and this year’s design promised to be spectacular with uniform lines of red and yellow tulips growing in front of the pump fountain.

Sadly, the week before the long weekend, someone ripped out 30 per cent of the tulips and threw them on the road. On Monday night of the long weekend, someone finished the job and ripped out the remaining tulips.

All the time and effort wasted and now the beautiful introduction to our town lies bare. I don’t blame the town for leaving it bare, for fear it would only be destroyed again.

Kudos to the town’s team for the beautiful displays throughout the town. I’m sorry someone felt the need to be so destructive and just plain mean.

Tina Pietrzyk