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LETTER: Reader proposes solution to bulky garbage bins

‘Sometimes it can be fun thinking outside the box’
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BradfordToday received the following letter from Jack Taylor regarding the newer garbage carts:

After using the new carts for a few months, it's become obvious to me that I could easily get away with one garbage or recycle cart along with the organic cart. 

I'm still using the former blue bin to collect my recyclables and a garbage can lined with a plastic garbage bag to collect my garbage. On the evening before pickup, I simply dump the recyclables collected in the blue bin or the garbage bags into the respective carts. 

Why could I not use the same cart each week, by simply filling the generic cart with the appropriate fill, either garbage or recyclables? 

A simple slide on the front of the cart could show "blue" or "black" to indicate that the homeowner had the correct fill for the pickup. Not only would this reduce the space required by the homeowners to  store the new carts, it would eliminate the cost of one cart supplied to each homeowner.

This option sounds like a win for the homeowners and a win for the county. 

Now, for someone concerned about re-doing the carts again, perhaps a "slide" could be attached to either of the existing carts and the unused blue or black cart could be returned.

Sometimes it can be fun thinking outside the box.

Kind Regards,
Jack Taylor, Bradford