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LETTER: Strike has devolved into 'CUPE-versus-town fight'

'There needs to be mutual respect on both sides,' says letter writer
Mayor James Leduc and two South Simcoe Police Service officers are shown during a council meeting Tuesday.

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I’ve been following the library strike for weeks now and have attended many rallies in support of the workers.

Last week, I received an invitation to a rally on Sept. 19, but noticed something. There are 25 people in the picture and I see only five library workers. This, along with the events of Tuesday night at the town council meeting, has made me realize this has turned into a CUPE-versus-town fight.

While I disagree with the mayor allowing this strike to go on far too long, there needs to be mutual respect on both sides and neither showed that last night. I attended this meeting for another agenda matter and was denied this right because CUPE and the town were once again fighting and the meeting was shut down.

I understand the need for people to speak at the public forum, but after the scheduled speakers were finished, representatives from CUPE were running to the front, grabbing the microphone, and making aggressive personal attacks. The mayor shouldn’t have called the police and CUPE should have left quietly after all the public speakers were finished.

What does this fight do for our library workers? How does this get our wonderful library reopened? Please stop all the hijinks and get back to the bargaining table to respectfully resolve this strike. It’s no longer a library strike. It’s a fight between CUPE and the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, and our library workers are caught in the middle.

Lisa Buchan