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A gutsy career: How to thank your physician this Doctors' Day

Ontario Medical Association asks residents to participate in a social-media campaign to show appreciation to doctors for their expertise and hard work
City halls across the province will be raising Doctors’ Day flags.

This Doctors’ Day, Ontarians are showing appreciation for physicians who are working hard to care for patients while the health-care system is under unprecedented strain.    

The Ontario Medical Association, which represents the province’s 43,000 doctors, asked Ontarians to take part in a social media campaign this year to thank doctors for their expertise and dedication to patient care while navigating difficult conditions within the health-care system.   

Thousands of people have shared messages ranging from “thanks for listening to my concerns” to “thanks for always being there” and “thanks for saving my life.” Ontarians can participate in the campaign by using #DoctorsDay and tagging @OntariosDoctors or sharing messages through the OMA’s website

Landmarks around Ontario will light up in blue today in honour of Doctors’ Day, including Niagara Falls, the CN Tower. City halls across the province will be raising Doctors’ Day flags.  

May 1 was recognized by the provincial government in 2011 as the official day of appreciation for Ontario’s doctors. The date was chosen to mark the birthday of Canada's first female physician, Dr. Emily Stowe. 

“I’m incredibly proud of my physician colleagues,” said OMA President Dr. Andrew Park, “Every day, Ontario’s doctors treat and care for more than 340,000 patients. Today we honour them for their service and commitment.” 

While Doctors' Day is traditionally a day of celebration and thanks for the hard work of our physicians, the OMA is also stressing the need for action to ensure the sustainability of our system, including addressing the family medicine crisis in Ontario. Everyone deserves access to a family doctor, but 2.3 million people in Ontario don’t have one. The OMA is advocating for system-level solutions to tackle this growing issue.