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Artisans and crafters at Newton Robinson's one-of-a-kind Artisans' Fair (11 photos)

From the artwork of Meade Helman to artisanal honey and home-made Christmas cake, the Artisans' Fair offered a wide range of gift ideas

BWG Artist Denis Bolohan is best known for his stone carvings and labyrinths – large-scale labyrinths created in corn fields and open areas, like the one he was commissioned to create for the International Plowing Match held at the Essa Agriplex in 2014.

But he has also, over the years, created fun agricultural images and crafts -  crafting sign boards, decorative wooden fish, and furniture, made from wooden seedling trays salvaged from a greenhouse in Leamington.

Bolohan brought along a selection of his early work – along with postcards of his labyrinths – to the Artisans’ Fair in Newton Robinson, on Saturday.

“Some of this stuff is 20 years old,” Bolohan said, pointing to wooden fish and delightful images of dairy cows and sheep, on everything from t-shirts to furniture.  “The Mayor of Bradford has a set, of the cow chair and table.”

From folk art fish, to Bruce Chambers’ hand-crafted reproduction furniture, brought from his Bond Head studio, there was something for everyone at the Fair, held in the Tec-We-Gwill Women’s Institute Hall.

Shoppers could purchase artisanal honey and maple syrup, and browse the displays of quilts, handknitted items, Christmas wreathes, hand-thrown pottery, original paintings, even chainsaw sculptures – a wide selection of one-of-a-kind gift ideas under one roof.

The Tec-We-Gwill W.I. ladies not only hosted the Artisans’ Fair, they provided the lunchroom downstairs in the hall, set up a table of activities for children, and welcomed everyone to the hall in Newton Robinson.