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Behind the scenes of movie shoot in Bradford (12 photos)

‘Death Hunt’ was filiming in Bradford earlier this week

As the economy slowly opens back up, TV and film productions have resumed their schedules, allowing actors and actresses to get back to work.

Rapid City Entertainment did not hesitate to get their camera rolling as they filmed their action-thriller movie called 'Death Hunt' this week in Bradford.

Director Neil MacKay brought his crew and actors to the Bradford Esso station near Highway 400 on Thursday to shoot a stake-out scene. The location was a perfect setting for the late-90’s time period movie setting.

“The synopsis of the movie is, once a year these men decide to hunt human targets up at a remote island," explains MacKay. “We introduce the story where a developer and his mistress go up to a getaway cottage where they are taken hostage and brought to an island and hunted for sport”.

This is MacKay’s fourth feature film and is not his first-time shooting scenes in the town of Bradford, as he and many of his production crew are all from the surrounding area.

“Because of COVID, we had another project pushed back, so we jumped on this one just to get something done,” states MacKay. “We think it’s going to be a really good seller for next year’s market… the industry is kind of flat right now."

Film crews were delayed several times as modern trucks passed through the gas station, defeating the 90’s atmosphere the crew was hoping to achieve.

“It’s a problem because if a newer truck goes by, we have to wait of course," explains Frank Ieraci who is the main producer of the film and has been producing since 2009.

The film’s stars include Marlene Malcolm (the mistress), Omar Tucci (main actor), Greg Johnston (police officer/villain), Rick Amsbury (villain), and Terry McDonald (villain).

Many of the actors have day jobs, including MacKay who used to work for CP24, and Johnston who is also a York Region Police Officer of 14 years in the Homicide Division.

“I do this on the side part-time,” explains Johnston, who has been acting on and off for the past two years. “It’s awesome!”

MacKay’s films have been featured in American Film Market, Glasgow Film Festival, and Toronto After Dark Film Festival, and is best known for his movies 'Battleground 2012”', 'Sixty Minutes to Midnight' and ''.

“We make big movies on a small budget," notes MacKay, adding that it would cost a lot to rent out the entire location for the day.

For many of the actors, this is their first time working with Director MacKay and all agree it's been “fantastic” working with him.

“We all have really good chemistry and energy which is really important on the set,” expresses Tucci. “I cheat on my wife in this movie, so I have to be comfortable with [Malcolm]."

Tucci has been acting for several years and is the lead singer and guitarist in a band on the side.

Malcolm has been acting since 2015 and has a background in dance and musical theatre. She was a body double in 'The Expanse' Season 5, and has done commercials and ads for new-age products. This is her first major film role.

MacKay notes they will be back in Bradford in the future and are always looking for extras from the area.

'Death Hunt' is set to release in early 2021.