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Bradford Scouts selling seeds for spring fundraiser

Thyme to start planting
Bradford Beavers making First Aid Kits

The 1st Bradford Scouts are selling seeds for spring. 

What better way to starIt is a national Scouts Canada fundraisert your home garden and help your local Scout Group. This year’s fundraiser runs until March 31. 

This year, the Scouts are offering more choices to satisfy every garden size and every gardener style, right down to the “beginner” for someone with a smaller area for a garden.

This is the second year the Scouts have taken part in the seed fundraiser. Scouts Canada has partnered with Canadian supplier Make It Sow to offer an exciting variety of seed kits, allowing customers to have fun learning more about growing their own garden all the while supporting local Scout groups. 

"During the pandemic and lockdowns, home gardens have become immensely popular," said Scout Leader Amy Stepanek. "We will use the funds for local programming. For example to purchase the Beaver Buggies, Kub Kars and Scout truck kits for this year's races."

Those interested in purchasing seeds for their gardens while supporting the Scout group can visit to place an order. Shipping and delivery are included with all selections. On the lower right side of the checkout screen, make sure to check the “Scouting group” box, and enter “1st Bradford Group” on the next line, so funds will be forwarded to 1st Bradford Scouts. You may also enter the Scout's name on whose behalf you are placing the order. You will be required to pay using a credit card.

Forty per cent of product sales will be returned to 1st Bradford Scouts.