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Bradford therapist offering services for families and students struggling with pandemic

Aa Covid cases surge and people continue to isolate, more are expressing a need for help, notes Bradford therapist
Jeanny Salmon
Jeanny Salmon is a Clinical Social Worker and a registered Therapist and Family Counsellor in Bradford, helping many families and students during the Covid-pandemic. /Photo Submitted.

Bradford resident Jeanny Salmon is a licensed clinical social worker and has been helping families and students struggling with various issues during the Covid-pandemic.

Since Covid, Salmon has seen an increase in clients, and particularly, students and families who require extra support during the pandemic.

“I think as numbers start going up and people start to panic, a lot of depression, anxiety, and suicide is really high," states Salmon. “[There is] a lot of family break-downs right now. If you look at the family unit itself… we’re spending tons of time in one space [and] as much as we love our families, if the foundation was already shaky, being in closed quarters isn’t hopeful."

Salmon adds that children are suffering too as kids are spending more time sitting in their rooms in the dark playing videos games or entertaining themselves with electronic devices.

“Some people [are] not sending their kids back to school, so I help them create a “tool-box” for their emotions as they adjust to this new norm,” explains Salmon.

Salmon has been offering three free sessions for families struggling with mental health but cannot financially afford the services. She also provides shorter sessions – 15-20 minutes at length – for clients needing a quick response to an issue.

“I want people to come and not worry about the rates,” shares Salmon, adding that she is more than willing to negotiate her rates to help serve her clients.

Salmon also provides e-counselling through web camera, email, or by telephone to help connect with clients from the comfort of their home.

“If someone calls me outside of my hours, I am taking the call right now!” expresses Salmon. “There’s no judgement in my space. I treat all my clients like family."

Salmon states that over 10 years ago people were afraid to come forward with mental health issues, but now, as Covid cases surge and people continue to isolate, more are expressing a need for help.

“I’m grateful to be able to help people, and the fact that they feel therapy does help,” says Salmon. “Sometimes people are skeptical, [but] I’m grateful for the people in this community!”

Salmon’s therapy and counselling practice is one of the main sponsors for the new Out-of-the-Cold Café in Bradford; a café operated by WOW Living that provides a warm, free space for those looking for shelter during the cold, winter months.

“I really support the initiative," states Salmon about the café. “If I can give someone the motivation to get up every day, put a little bit of money into their pocket, and bring empowerment to them, [then] this program gives people a chance to shine."

Salmon adds that the café’s core values are in alignment with her own business, and if someone needed help, she would donate her time and services to assist them.

“If someone that Jodi [Greenstreet] (owner of WOW Living) knew needed help, as that’s the population she deals with, I would go in and help them," asserts Salmon. “Not everyone is giving them a chance. When we see poverty on the streets… at least they have somewhere to go."

Salmon has a social work degree from Laurentian University, attended York University for family mediation, and is a couples and families therapist from Guelph University.

With over 20 years experience in mental health, Salmon specializes in anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and suicide ideation. She also offers couples and family therapy, mediation, help with relationships, and issues surrounding the LGBTQ and Indigenous communities.

To learn more about Jeanny Salmon’s Therapy & Counselling services, visit: