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Bradford to consider requesting separated city status

Cannabis and Bradford West Gwillimbury's smoking bylaw will also be on tap for discussion at Tuesday evening's council meeting
2018-12-19-rob keffer
Bradford West Gwillimbury Mayor Rob Keffer at a council meeting. Jenni Dunning/BradfordToday

Bradford West Gwillimbury council will consider a report at a meeting Tuesday evening about the town's interest in becoming a separated city.

Members of the public are welcome to attend all council meetings, which are at 7 p.m. in the Zima Room of the BWG Public Library. All meetings include an open forum where anyone can make comments to council.

As usual, a meeting of the town’s Committee of the Whole, made up of council members, will also take place during the council meeting.

Here is a look at some of the items on the agenda: 

Closed session

The meeting of Bradford West Gwillimbury council will start with a session closed to the public, where councillors will discuss several items.

According to the agenda, these include possible disposition of lands, expropriations update, and land acquisition in connection to Line 8.

If council makes a decision on any of the items, they will make a motion in the public part of the meeting.

Separated city, regional government review

Committee will vote on a report from the town’s CAO Geoff McKnight that outlines its desire to “pursue separated city status” as part of a regional governance review currently underway by the province.

The report also asks the provincial advisors in charge of the review to work with the town and the County of Simcoe to “further evaluate the benefits and implications of such a change.”

An in-depth analysis would be needed to get a full understanding of financial implications of becoming a separated city, but a preliminary review of operating budgets and a consultant report the town had done last spring on whether it should leave the county suggest "the impacts would be positive," read a staff report. 

Council must ratify the committee's decision at a later date. 

Cannabis smoking bylaw

In light of cannabis legalization, the committee will consider approving an amended Smoke Free Public Places bylaw, which council would have to ratify at a later date.

Town staff are proposing the current bylaw be repealed and replaced with a “comprehensive” no-smoking bylaw that includes tobacco, cannabis, vaping and electronic cigarettes, read a report.

The draft bylaw suggests a smoking ban on all town properties, and creating Designated Smoking Areas for tobacco only on properties “where compliance would otherwise be impractical,” read the report. For example, Henderson Park would be smoke-free, but instead of people having to smoke along the side of Line 9, there could be smoking areas for them.

Cannabis smoking would not be banned from sidewalks, boulevards or roadways, however, because municipalities are not allowed to do that under the Municipal Act, read the report.

To read the full report, click here

Affordable seniors housing application

Committee will vote on whether to approve a Bradford woman’s application to build a 100-square-metre trailer at 4136 Line 8 for her mother to live in.

According to the town’s bylaws, a portable garden suite — one-unit, detached residential structure with a bathroom and kitchen — is allowed on agricultural properties, but no more than one home is allowed on any lot.

The resident said she wants to build the structure because her mother cannot afford any seniors housing in town.

Council will have to ratify committee’s decision at a later date.

Proposed telecommunications tower

Committee will vote on a report that states it concurs with a Rogers Communications proposal for a telecommunications tower on an 82-hectare property at the northern edge of BWG at 1848 Line 12, just east of Middletown Road.

The town is asking Rogers to work with the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority to mitigate any environmental concerns and replace trees as necessary, according to a town staff report.

The conservation authority, according to the report, has identified the property as a “flood spill area.”

“South Simcoe Police identified their communications system as being ‘weak’ in this geographical area, and as such have requested access to the tower for their voice communication radio systems for future use,” read the report.

Council will have to ratify committee’s decision at a later date.

Bond Head development

If BWG council approves a draft plan for a 340-unit subdivision in Bond Head on Tuesday, it will vote on whether to move forward with a pre-servicing agreement with the developer.

This would let the developer “commence the underground works and base road construction,” read a town staff report.

According to the draft agreement, the land’s owner must undertake all construction in a manner that does not “unreasonably interfere with adjoining lands or vehicular and pedestrian traffic on adjacent streets.”

As well, they must control all dust, mud and debris resulting from construction, and reimburse the town for any damage to municipal services, facilities or works, read the report.

Line 6 development

BWG council is also expected to vote on whether to approve a pre-service agreement for Cachet Homes’ subdivision at Line 6 and Simcoe Road.

The much-debated project has been in the works for more than two years. 

Rural road cost analysis

How much does it cost to maintain a gravel road versus a surface-treated road in BWG?

The Committee of the Whole will consider a report that outlines improvements and lifecycle costs for different types of rural roads.

“Gravel road maintenance can be more expensive per kilometre than the per kilometer cost for

hard top maintenance,” read the report. “However there are none of the up-front capital costs that are associated with asphalt overlay. As traffic volumes on gravel roads increase, the cost increases.”

Council must ratify the report at a later time.

To read the full report, click here.

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