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Brassard wants to bring 'sense of normalcy' back to Ottawa

Conservative candidate officially opens campaign headquarters on Huronia Road

John Brassard's south-end office space might be spartan in appearance, but it has all the hallmarks of a re-election campaign: volunteer lists, calendars, voting maps, hundreds of signs, and thousands of stacked pamphlets.

In front of family and supporters, the Conservative candidate and Barrie-Innisfil incumbent officially opened his campaign office on Huronia Road, Monday evening.

"It's about getting that positive Conservative message out there," Brassard told the 50 or so people in attendance. "I want to continue to build on all of the work that all of us have done. ... We're one small part of helping Andrew Scheer become the next prime minister of Canada."

Brassard's platform includes: 'Scrapping Trudeau's carbon tax and lowering taxes for Canadians, making life more affordable for families, and ensuring our immigration system is compassionate and fair.'

On Monday evening, he said Canada needs to move toward "a path of restoration where we restore some sense of normalcy" and eliminate the sense of divisiveness across the country. 

"This is one of the most important elections in this country's history," Brassard said. "We are truly at a fork in the road. The choices that we make this election will determine the path that Canada goes on.

"When I look back over the last four years, I see things that many of you are seeing. There's much in the way of discontent in the country," he added. "There are provinces fighting with provinces. The federal government fighting with provinces.

"We've embarrassed ourselves on the national stage. Canada is truly an island unto its own right now. It comes from the lack of leadership of Justin Trudeau."

The former city councillor was sent to Ottawa as one of this city's two MPs in 2015 with 46 per cent of the vote.

Brassard says he brings a "pragmatic voice" to the nation's capital.

"What I try to do is really bring back what I hear here in Barrie-Innisfil back to the House of Commons in Ottawa," he said. "I talk about it being a grind, but what an incredible privilege to be a member of Parliament."

As the critic for Veterans Affairs, Brassard said that post made him realize how important the job is. 

"It's something that I don't take lightly and I treat it with the respect and reverance that it deserves," he said. "Being your member of Parliament means I have to live up to that standard and I hope that you think I have been over the last four years."

The federal election is Oct. 21.