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Crosswalk proposed near St. Charles School

Teachers at St. Charles School have been acting as crossing guards in order to have students arrive at school safely
The recommendation for a crosswalk at Simcoe Road near St. Charles school was brought forward on Tuesday evening. Natasha Philpott/BradfordToday

In Tuesday night’s BWG Council Meeting, the town's Traffic Committee recommended installing a crosswalk on Simcoe Road near St. Charles Catholic elementary school. 

The school is on the east side of SImcoe Road, south of 6th Line. At present, students from the nearby new subdivisions on the west side of Simcoe must cross the busy road, without a crossing guard or crosswalk. 

“There is no safe place to cross,” noted Coun. Peter Ferragine, who also sits on the town’s Traffic Committee. 

Ferragine noted that the traffic has built up so much in the area that teachers at the school are now donning safety vests and putting out pilons themselves to ensure students are crossing safely. 

“The teachers are now stopping traffic for the children to cross, so they’ve become crossing guards,” said Ferragine. 

The traffic committee has recommended that the crosswalk be included in the 2020 budget. 

The crosswalk would consist of white painted lines on the road, with two pedestrian signs on either side of the road and flashing amber hazard lights.

Mayor Rob Keffer agreed that it was “something we certainly have to look into.”


Natasha Philpott

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