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December babies can have their photo shared on local billboard

Kids born in December can have their photo posted on local billboard for their birthday
Sponsored Bradford Ads - Eye Candy Ads
Celebrate your child's birthday or a senior's milestone with a FREE digital ad with picture on Eye Candy Ads billboard on Bridge Street, Bradford.


Welcome to the beautiful month of December!

As the last month of 2022 approaches, we have a lot of things to look back on and be grateful for: from our successful Carrot Fest to the great Farmers' Markets and even the Re-Discover Bradford event.

Celebrities such as LeBron James, Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish all share their birthday in this beautiful winter month. Now is your time to join in the fame of the stars and be on the big screen in Bradford's first digital billboard at 121 Bridge St.

Anyone under 18 with a birthday this month is welcome to have their photo posted for free on our digital billboard.

Please email Mark Snaper with Eye Candy Ads at and he will be happy to host you on your special day!

We would also like to welcome St. John’s Presbyterian Church as one of our new sponsors, making all our birthday posts free of charge. 

Have a great last month of 2022 and Happy Holidays from Mark at Eye Candy Ads.