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Families excited for first day at Harvest Hills Public School

Parents share excitement over Harvest Hills Public School opening on first day of school

With the start of September comes the return to school, and for some students in Bradford this year, it will be to a brand new school. 

There was excitement in the air Tuesday morning as students poured into the new Harvest Hills Public School,  on Crossland Boulevard in the town's north end. 

“It’s very exciting, Tristan is excited,” said Tristan's mom, Angela Palleschi. “We’re so excited, we woke up really early this morning.”

The new school will offer French immersion, which is something families are thrilled to see.

“It’s great,” said David Pullara, who was walking his two kids to school. “It’s exciting to have more French immersion spaces. That’s a big plus for us.”

Parents also mentioned that although being in a new space at Harvest Hills can be nerve-racking at first, it can also be the catalyst for their children to embrace change and find new opportunities.

“It’s very exciting because a new school means new opportunities for her,” said Donnette Junior about her daughter, Brielle.

With the new school surrounded by a subdivision, it makes the process of taking their kids to school much more accessible for young families.

“I’m a principal and it’s actually so exciting for the kids,” said Emma Porter. Her son Dean is a student at Harvest Hills. “It’s really nice to have a new school in the neighbourhood that’s so close by.”

“It’s great because it’s walking distance for us,” added Rashid Mahmood, who walked to Harvest Hills with his wife Zaib and daughter Mirha.

After the challenges over the last few school years with the COVID-19 pandemic, families are excited for their children to get back to having a normal school experience.

“We’re excited for no masks and for it to feel normal as we get back into a routine and for the kids to get to play together,” Porter said. “It should feel like a regular school year.”