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Grand Parade fundraising walk coming to Bradford, Alliston

Annual event raises money to support local seniors
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CONTACT Community Services is eagerly anticipating its hosting of the Grand Parade in both Bradford and Alliston on Sept. 16.

The Grand Parade is a national family-friendly fundraiser walk that is in support of local seniors in need.

The last few years have shone a stark light on the struggles that many seniors in our community face. The high cost of living, isolation, loneliness, and loss have been brought to the forefront with an eye-opening realization that older adults in our community have critical unmet needs.

CONTACT Community Services has a plan. We are helping, but the need is greater than what we can do alone. With your support of the Grand Parade, we can assist our seniors through housing services, grocery needs, transportation and communication support and free community programs. Together, we can make a senior’s life brighter, happier, and create more inclusive and healthy communities for those residents who know our history best.

“I have spoken with many seniors who have shared that in their day-to-day life they feel invisible. By supporting seniors in their time of need, we are able to ensure seniors are seen. Not only is an immediate need addressed; we can also connect them to our social programs that support a better quality of life — something each one of us deserves,” states Emily McIntosh, CONTACT executive director.

The Grand Parade is a moment when our community will come together to walk in honour of our aging friends and family. This fundraiser walk will be held at the Banting Memorial High School track in Alliston and the Bradford District High School track in Bradford. Participants will walk a two-kilometre route and enjoy a delicious light lunch celebration. All those who raise over $150 (or $75 for youth) will also don iconic TGP shirts as they take to the track.

“We encourage every person to help us make this event a success. We service the most caring communities and I know that the residents of south Simcoe will show the nation what this really means at this inaugural event,” shares development and engagement officer Brenda Pufek.

CONTACT Community Services has been serving the south Simcoe community for 46 years and delivering seniors wellness programming since 2016. The funds raised in the Grand Parade will benefit seniors in need in our community.

Be part of history and make the future bright for those that root us, guide us, and who teach us how to be our best selves.

CONTACT’s mission is to support the communities of south Simcoe by providing quality services through sustainable, creative solutions to community needs.

To get involved and support this event, register online.