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Local author's debut novel delves into 'world of the recently deceased'

J. McDonald recently a panellist at international literary festival hosted by Middlesex University in the United Kingdom

The Pale: Diary of the dead is the innovative debut novel by local author, J. McDonald.

Leveraging a unique first-person literary style that leaves the narrator's gender up to the reader's choosing, this author's works focus on the value of the internal over the external.

"This wasn't the first time I'd been huddled somewhere, left battered and bleeding, but the ghostly copy of myself was a disconcerting first."

Through the eyes of jaded narrator, Alex, readers are invited to explore the world of the recently deceased.

Alex must stop a serial killer before time in the Pale runs out. With the help of a selfless 12-year-old and an amateur sleuth, Alex battles not only the monster lurking the streets, but also the demons within.

Full of unique world building that offers something new to the genre, The Pale is a page-turner for fans of paranormal fantasy and suspense.

The Pale, and similarly styled shorter pieces by J. McDonald, are the culmination of a deep dive into gender during study for a master's in novel writing.

J. McDonald was recently a panellist for the 'Publishing and Diversity' session held at the North London Story Festival, hosted by Middlesex University in the U.K.

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