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Support your child’s mental health with children's wellness books from the BWG Library

Check out this week's top picks from the BWG Library
Picks of the Week - Kids wellness
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Explore this specially curated list from Miss Bailey, Children’s Librarian

Mental health issues are becoming more prevalent, especially now that kids are back in school and dealing with social distancing and masks in addition to their normal everyday stressors.  Learn coping skills and stress reduction techniques, including meditation, yoga and breathing techniques, with this special list of books chosen by Miss Bailey, Children’s Librarian at the BWG Library.

If you need help finding books on specific topics, like anxiety, grief or other mental health issues, let the BWG Library know!  Send a message through Facebook at or email [email protected] and a librarian will reach out to connect you with books and resources in our collection.  Or, if you have a book you think should be added to the collection, send your suggestion today.

Breathing and Meditation, by Laura Villano

Illustrations and step-by-step instructions show and tell young readers how to meditate. Breathing techniques, SEL concepts of wellness and mindfulness, and benefits of the practice are also introduced.  Learn how to do a body scan and grow with goals by reading this easy-to-follow book for children.

I Feel Anxious, by Abby Cooper

Readers will learn about anxiety in themselves and others, how and why they feel it, how to best respond to it, and how to communicate these feelings.  Social and emotional learning (SEL) concepts support growth mindset throughout, while Try This! and Grow with Goals activities at the end of the book further reinforce the content.

Unicorn Yoga, by Gina Cascone

Who wants to learn yoga from a unicorn?  Through easy-to-follow instructions, a unicorn yogi leads readers through a ten-pose class. Back matter provides additional information on yoga, as well as tips on mindfulness.

The Healthy Junior Chef Cookbook, by Erin Scott

This engaging collection of more than 70 kid-friendly recipes for breakfast, soups, salads, main courses, snacks and dessert will have kids cooking up surprisingly healthy favourites without sacrificing any of the flavours and ingredients they love.  

Puppy in my Head, by Elise Graves

Kids experience anxiety and can feel overwhelmed just like adults do, and this picture book serves as both a story and a step-by-step guide to help calm kids down. Ollie is the puppy living inside of our narrator's head, and when Ollie panics or is too energetic, the narrator feels that way, too! But she learns to handle the situation with her breath and her mindfulness, and by talking it out with an adult.  Perfect for bedtime, readers will walk away a little more well-equipped to handle the puppies in their own heads.

I am Human, by Susan Verde

A child recognizes his own humanity, his capacity for doing harm and being harmed, his ability to feel joy and sadness, and his belief in hope and promise to keep learning. 

Happy Healthy Minds: a children’s guide to emotional wellbeing, by School of Life Press

Our minds are beautifully complicated and brilliant machines. For much of our lives, these machines run efficiently with minimal maintenance. However, just like our other organs, they do require some proper attention every now and then. Happy, Healthy Minds is a guide designed to help children become more aware of their emotional needs and examines a range of topics that might give their minds difficulties.

Look on the Bright Side: Being Positive, by Virginia Loh-Hagan

Discover how to practice gratitude in all situations. Provides helpful exercises, tips, and activities to better manage your thoughts and feelings.