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Neighbour reports hearing loud bangs, screaming as police probe Collingwood shooting

Police have not confirmed details of the event

Police are on the scene investigating a shooting at a housing complex on Matthew Way in Collingwood. 

A resident of the Eight Building (801-810 Matthew Way), where police have taped off a backyard, said she could see a body in the backyard and a lot of blood. She said the body has recently been covered in a tarp. She lives adjacent to the apartment under investigation and said she heard a loud knock on her backyard door late last night, but didn't answer. Soon after the knock she said she and her son heard three loud bangs followed by the sound of glass breaking and a person or people screaming. 

Today, she said her son looked out and saw one body in the backyard. She described the body as a male wearing jeans, a camouflage coat with no shirt underneath, and wearing a mask. 

She said it's very scary to know such an incident took place in her building. In fact, she said Eight Building was, in her mind, one of the best buildings of the housing complex. 

Another resident of a nearby building said she visited someone in the Eight Building and looked out the window where she saw two tarp-covered bodies in the backyard. She said she woke up at about 2 a.m. and saw emergency lights, several police cars, ambulance, and fire department vehicles in the parking lot adjacent to the Eight Building. 

Police are on scene investigating and have not confirmed the details of the event.

The residences on Matthew Way are owned and operated by Simcoe County Housing.