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Police await search warrant after crash at mushroom dispensary

Barrie police continue to investigate crash at downtown business after stolen vehicle drove through its front window
A carpenter works to board up the damaged front window of Shroomyz on Dunlop Street West in downtown Barrie after a stolen vehicle was driven into the business early Wednesday morning.

Barrie police continue to look for the driver of a stolen vehicle that crashed through the window of a downtown shop early Wednesday, but a search warrant for the business is also being sought.

On Thursday morning, Barrie police communications co-ordinator Jennett Mays said officers have not located the suspect driver.

Officers responded to the call just after midnight, Sept. 6, at 15 Dunlop St. W., at Shroomyz, and found the vehicle had crashed through its front window.

The vehicle was determined to have been stolen Tuesday in Toronto, according to police. No injuries were reported from the early morning crash.

Shroomyz bills itself as a "medical mushroom" dispensary, which sells its product both online and in-store.

Often referred to as "magic mushrooms," psilocybin contains hallucinogens. The production, sale and possession of the mushrooms are illegal in Canada.

Mays said police were working to get a search warrant for the premises, but no charges have been laid.

"There is increasing interest in the potential therapeutic uses of magic mushrooms and of psilocybin, one of the active ingredients in magic mushrooms," according to a Government of Canada website. "While clinical trials with psilocybin have shown promising results, at this time there are no approved therapeutic products containing psilocybin in Canada or elsewhere."

The federal government says clinical trials are the "most appropriate and effective way to advance research with unapproved drugs such as psilocybin while protecting the health and safety of patients."

Meanwhile, Mays also said city engineering staff were to determine if the building is structurally safe after the crash.

A City of Barrie building inspector visited the site Wednesday morning and issued an order to comply, directing the building owner to have a structural engineer perform an assessment of the building, and to apply for, and obtain a building permit for any work where one is required.