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Memorable teachers, Part 1

Teachers influenced young minds, and fashion back in the day of one-room schools
Photo from 1940 includes the four Bell sisters, three of whom taught in the one-room schools of West Gwillimbury. From Governor Simcoe Slept Here.

Postcard Memories is a series of historic views and photos of Bradford West Gwillimbury, a trip down memory lane on a Saturday morning.

Prior to 1960, children in West Gwillimbury Township attended one-room schools, where teachers – often not much older than their oldest students – taught all grades, from 1 through 8. As a result, teachers were often a major influence on the lives of the young students in their care.

This photo, from Governor Simcoe Slept Here: the Legacy of West Gwillimbury, depicts three of the young teachers who taught in the 1940s. Shown the photo are Gladys Bell, Doris Bell, Barbara Sutcliffe, Jean Bell and Marguerite Bell. The Bell sisters were all daughters of Ross and Elizabeth Bell.

Gladys taught at Bowles S.S. #8, Fisher’s Corners S.S. #7, and Gilford S.S. #16 (at the time, Gilford was part of West Gwillimbury).

Jean taught at Mt. Pleasant S.S. #9, Pinkerton S.S. #11, and Steele’s Corners S.S. #14.

Marguerite taught at Hollows S.S. #13, and at Gilford.

“S.S.” stands for School Section, an area served by a specific one-room school.

Details from Governor Simcoe Slept Here: The legacy of West Gwillimbury. 

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