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AcademIQ Club prepares young students to succeed with new Enrichment Programs

STEM skills open the door to diverse career dreams

“We are dealing with the impact of rapid changes including globalization, technological advances and a different type of economy and job market,” says Maria Arion, owner of AcademIQ Club in Bradford. Industries will rely on technology to empower ideas more than ever before. “The future will have more automated jobs,” says Arion, “there’s going to be a high demand for everything regarding STEM.”

Many older students haven’t been given enough practice within the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. There’s an increased interest in forming STEM skills from early childhood and building those foundations for future careers, however, students in later years from grades seven through 12 weren’t introduced to these skills with the same enthusiasm. 

“This generation can go to school and go to university but without the right skills, they won’t get a job. Now is the time to take action and prepare our students to succeed in this new world.”

The launch of AcademIQ’s enrichment programs begins in April

AcademIQ has launched new after-school enrichment programs that will nurture the love for STEM-based learning and prepare students for a future of financial literacy, effective public speaking, and entrepreneurship.  Programs have been slated into three levels; Explorer (grades 1 to 3), Adventurer (grades 4 to 6), and Discovery (grades 7 to 8). 

“We want our children to have dreams of making a difference as teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs or innovators. Knowing how to read, write and do arithmetic is empowering,” says Arion, “When a person can read, they can access endless learning and information. When they can calculate expenses and make a budget, they can start a small business.”

The program will curate a personalized schedule for each individual student based on their academic needs and interests. Class and tutoring programs start with grades 1 to 12 in Math and Language, Public Speaking, NASA and STEM CLUB, and more.

Registration for class-based programs in public speaking, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy has already begun with classes set to begin in April 2022. 

What sets AcademIQ apart from other tutoring programs?

Every student at AcademIQ works in a friendly environment, mentored by knowledgeable instructors and free from curricular pressure, says Arion. “We promote fun, teamwork, and unique opportunities to build new skills.” 

Tutoring is set in individual workstations each based on an assessment that allows students to build goals they want to achieve. “We will then design a course outline and go from there.”

Unlike other programs that focus solely on areas where a student is struggling, “We want to inspire new generations,” says Arion. “Education is the first step for children to gain the knowledge, critical thinking, empowerment and skills they need to make this world a better place,” says Arion, “Once children are educated, they have more ways to make a difference in their communities.”

To learn more about AcademIQ, visit their website.