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Bradford Board Of Trade launches ‘Shop Local BWG’ campaign

When our local businesses thrive, the whole community thrives!
Bradford Board of Trade Spotlight Sept 2021

If there was ever a time to support local, main street businesses, it’s now. Many entrepreneurs in Bradford West Gwillimbury have been dealt a crushing blow through the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. They did their best to service customers when in-store options weren’t available.

To give their businesses a well-deserved boost, the Bradford Board Of Trade has launched their Shop Local BWG campaign, encouraging residents to support their local retail shops and services. Their promotional slogan is “When Our Local Businesses Thrive, the Whole Community Thrives.”

The BBT is encouraging consumers to shift their shopping habits back to in-store buying. Chief Administrative Officer, Tricia Barrett-Butler said, “Money that is spent locally, tends to stay local and that is what the campaign is about, keeping people shopping closer to home.” The BBT has launched a promotional and incentive program called ShopLocalBWG to show their businesses some appreciation during these difficult times.

Residents will notice banners on street corners, digital signs throughout town, and logos in windows inviting shoppers inside. Barrett- Butler said, “Local retailers have always been there for the community, sponsoring sports teams, donating prizes for charity events, now it’s time for the community to be there for them.” 

But there’s something for shoppers as well. Purchase any item, product, or service from any BWG business, post a photo to Facebook or Instagram, tag the business, the BBT and add #SHOPLOCALBWG and shoppers could win a gift certificate to spend at any Bradford West Gwillimbury business of their choice. That business could be a plumber, accountant, bakery, or the clothing store where you have your eye on a new outfit. Weekly draws begin October 1st. 

This ShopLocalBWG is building on last winter’s #BWG Takeout Challenge, during which customers posted over $47,000 worth of restaurant meals on social media using the hashtag. A random weekly draw gave the winner a $100 gift certificate to spend at the restaurant of their choice. Barrett-Butler said, “We’re expanding on that program, because it was such a success and people really enjoyed it. Local restaurants really appreciated the support.”

With potentially over 500 businesses participating, the BBT is expecting even more enthusiasm for the ShopLocalBWG campaign because this community has shown it will be there to help their friends and neighbours recover, during these challenging times. For more information on Shop Local BWG please visit: