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Live an inspired retirement in Bradford!

Holland Gardens offers excursions, fitness classes, a walking club, guest speakers, live entertainment and more
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Relax. You’ve earned it!

After years of working hard, raising a family, and being there for the grandchildren, it’s time to think about you. Holland Gardens helps you live your encore (retired) life to the fullest in a resort-inspired residence where the daily focus is on your enriched life.

Today, Holland Gardens discusses the difference between long-term care facilities, and retirement residences.

As we age, we are more prone to disease such as dementia, or ailments that limit our mobility. This can make it unsafe to live on our own, no matter how much we desire independence. A long-term care facility is a great option in these cases.

Long-term care, or LTC as it is more commonly known, is a healthcare facility that provides personalized care per resident.

Meals and housecleaning are provided, followed by a routine based on resident need. For example, one resident may only need assistance with entering and exiting the tub and with taking medication, while another may have memory/cognition loss and require a high level of monitoring. The goal is to allow for the most amount of independence while ensuring the highest level of safety.

On the other hand, a retirement residence is a community only for seniors. Retirement homes offer meals and light housekeeping but the focus is more on providing an engaging place for likeminded seniors to gather and thrive. This allows for a very high level of flexibility while having on-site access to activities, transportation, exercise classes and more. Think of it as a condo or community focused on how seniors can live their best, active life.

Holland Gardens is a Retirement Residence. Activities offered include excursions, fitness classes and a walking club, guest speakers (art, music, health, technology, politics, education), live entertainment, and convenient home shopping for gifts and jewellery.

An on-site RPN along with assisted living care services provide peace of mind while helping each resident maintain their independence. For residents with cognitive decline, a specialized memory care floor provides care & security. On top of it all, there is an elegant homestyle dining room, a bar, and a patio. Living at Holland Gardens is like being at a resort full-time.

If you are looking for the best retirement home in Bradford, visit Holland Gardens today. The team is happy to meet with you, arrange a tour of the residence, and to discuss all the area’s options for senior living be it with Holland Gardens or a facility suited to your current health and needs.

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