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Plan your ultimate Ontario hiking adventure

Killarney's 11 scenic hiking routes and resort accommodations has made the area a premier destination for backcountry enthusiasts of all ages

Resting in the La Cloche Mountain Range on the north shore of Georgian Bay, Killarney Provincial Park is an Ontario showcase and a renowned playground for backcountry enthusiasts of all skill levels. 

White quartzite-lined vistas, soaring rock formations and a network of footpaths through towering white pine forests open to panoramic views that span pristine inland lakes, reaching the ancient pink granite shores of Lake Huron. 

The park boasts 11 hiking trails varying in rating from easy to advanced, with trek distances ranging from less than an hour-long to multi-day journeys. 

This, along with renowned canoeing routes and endless kilometres of Great Lakes shoreline. 

It’s not surprising that Killarney is the foundation for adventure for thousands of individuals and families annually. And at the heart of adventure is Killarney Mountain Lodge and Conference Centre and sister property, the Sportsman Inn Resort and Marina.

Killarney Mountain Lodge dates back a century and is now a premier destination in Ontario for outdoor enthusiasts who prefer to stay and recharge at an authentic lodge resort. 

Recently undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation, the resort boasts five different types of accommodations from king suites with outdoor balconies and lake views, to rustic and charming pine wrapped lodges, to a dormitory-style 18 bedroom hideaway

Unique to the property is Canada House - a 34,000 square foot log event and conference centre that sits upon the shore of Georgian Bay. The conference centre serves as a wedding venue for up to 250 people and is a popular choice for business meetings.

Canada HouseCanada House at Killarney Mountain Lodge and Conference Centre

On top of accommodation options, Killarney Mountain Lodge and Conference Centre offer fine and casual dining options along with a wine cellar that houses nearly 3000 bottles, giving the resort an unexpected balance of decadence to its rugged landscape. 

The grounds at Killarney Mountain View Lodge are among the landscapes that inspired the art of the Group of Seven and the vast hiking trail network of Killarney Provincial Park. And since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, these trails have become more popular as a safe and exciting way to stay active.

Hiking is one of the safest, healthiest and most accessible activities that people can participate in, pandemic or not. Being active and navigating terrain that’s not totally predictable keeps the mind and body sharp while being outdoors in a natural setting is a good way to relieve stress, especially in these challenging times.

The best part is, hiking is available to people of all ages and cultures and requires little to no specialized equipment to participate.

Lighthouse Trail HikeThe Lighthouse Hike

There are two hiking trailheads at Killarney Mountain Lodge. 

The Lighthouse Hike takes you through dense forest, over pink granite and along the coastline of Georgian Bay to the lighthouse and a stunning view that looks out over the bay. The second trail is the 6.9 kilometre George Island Trail which is best known for its casual nature and bird watching.

Just minutes from the resort, Killarney Provincial Park provides backcountry enthusiasts with further opportunity to explore some of the best hiking Ontario has to offer. 

In the park, The Crack is a must-hike trail. At a distance of approximately 7.1 kilometres, The Crack is a two to two and a half hour hike, depending on pace, according to The trail starts on a logging road, makes its way through dense forest before shooting up in elevation over steep, rocky climbs. The hike leads to a deep crevasse – the namesake of the trial.

The Crack Trail HikeThe Crack hiking trail

The Granite Ridge Trail offers a 2.9-kilometre hike and showcases what the area has to offer. This hike takes you through old planted forest and offers stunning views of Georgian Bay and the La Cloche range from two separate lookouts. 

Learn more about Killarney Provincial Park’s celebrated network of hiking trails here.

Start planning your next adventure

Killarney Mountain Lodge offers a mix of rugged and refined elegance and an ultimate backcountry hiking experience for any skill level. To learn more or to book your next adventure visit Book soon to avoid missing out. 

For adventure inspiration, check out @killarneymountain on Instagram or visit them on Facebook.