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TooDoo app set to revolutionize local service industry in Bradford

Take care of your to-do list with the TooDoo app, a multifunctional platform that simplifies hiring for home improvement, saving you time and money

Michael Barone, local entrepreneur and founder of the innovative new app TooDoo, said his creation will change how homeowners and service providers interact in Bradford.

Designed to streamline the process of finding local services, TooDoo is not just another home improvement tool but a multifunctional platform for a wide range of tasks, including car detailing and assembling outdoor equipment like trampolines.

"The first step is posting a job," Barone explains. Users can sign up and add photos, location, approximate measurements, and the expected outcome of their job. 

"Local companies will then see the posted job and send bids — like in an auction."

TooDoo's unique selling proposition is its transparency and competitiveness in pricing. According to Barone, companies can see each other's bids, which drives prices down, creating a win-win situation for both service providers and customers. 

"It's about making everything fairer and more transparent, which can help drive down costs," he notes.

Customers benefit from the ability to compare these bids and view company profiles, which include ratings and experience. This helps in making informed decisions based not just on price but also on quality. Customers can also add ratings, thus influencing the reputation of service providers over time.

Starting as a solo project powered by a team of developers, Barone was inspired to create TooDoo after witnessing his father's frustration with finding reliable contractors for home improvements. 

"There's got to be a better, quicker way," thought Barone, leading to the development of TooDoo.

Currently, TooDoo is rolling out in Bradford with plans to expand. The app will initially be available only on iOS, with an Android version expected later. It hosts a wide variety of job categories, primarily focusing on more straightforward tasks that can be easily described and priced through the app — to-do list tasks.

The app aims to help local businesses by eliminating the need for extensive marketing and providing them with direct access to potential customers. 

"This could be particularly useful for smaller, local companies looking for exposure," Barone adds.

As for the future, Barone is enthusiastic about the community benefits that TooDoo will bring.

"I'm hoping to see growth and people finding companies willing to do the work for the right price," he states.

With its launch coming soon, TooDoo is ready to change how people and companies interact in the local service market, starting right here in Bradford.