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SUCCESS: Bradford mom publishes children’s book on Amazon

The Little Peanut is a story about a peanut who travels across the countertop for some exciting adventures

Writing has always been a passion and love of Bradford mom Jessica Saunders. In the past month Saunders has published her first children’s book, The Little Peanut.

"This is the story of one curious little peanut who finds himself on an exciting adventure across the countertop."

Before moving to Bradford, Saunders and her husband lived in the King-Spadina area in downtown Toronto.

The couple has been living in the rural area of Bradford for the past six years and have two kids together.

Ever since Saunders was a young girl, she has been a creative writer, which eventually led her to a career in advertising. 

Her favourite type of creative writing is poetry and rhyming.

‘’I wrote this book when I was in elementary school and continued the writing process in high school when I took a creative writing class," she explained.

The Little Peanut was published in honour of her mother that passed away from cancer this past year.

‘’My mom was my best friend. She used to save all the work that I created. When she passed my dad sold the house to down-size and I found this book that I wrote many years ago that my mom kept, and I went forward and started the publishing process of making this book draft come to life," she explained.

"It is easier than you think to publish your own book," she encouraged. "You have to have the passion and love to do it, Amazon has a great self-publishing feature.  All I needed was the illustrations for the book, it was pretty straight forward from that point.’’

Saunders is currently working on her next two books, The Princess and the Warrior, inspired by her daughter, and another story about her son.  Both are in the works and being released soon.

Saunders stated ‘’the only difficult thing is taking the next steps, in sharing it to the world, and just wondering if people like the book that I created, and just making a book that everyone will enjoy reading the book with their children.’’

Saunders hopes she has inspired people to follow their dreams as she did, and to "just go for it."

She is welcoming reviews of the book on Amazon, and is thankful for all the community's support.

Check out the book on Amazon here.