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BWG 2022 dog tags now available for online purchase

Buy tags by January 31 to save and enter the prize draw!
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Town of BWG by-laws require all dog owners to obtain a licence for each dog they own by January 31 of every year. When the licence is purchased, the owner receives a tag to put on the dog’s collar with a number correlating to our file with the owner’s address and phone number. 

A tag for a spayed or neutered dog is $30, or $35 for an intact animal, but buy before January 31 and you’ll save $5 and your name will be entered to win your pup a prize!

You can apply and pay for your tag online at and we’ll mail it to you, or purchase in person at one of the following locations:

  • Town of BWG Admin Office: 100 Dissette St., Units 7&8
  • BWG Leisure Centre: 471 West Park Ave.
  • Dissette Animal Hospital: 100 Dissette St., Unit 3
  • Pet Valu: 442 Holland St. W, #8
  • Summerlyn Pet Hospital: 465 Holland St. W, Unit 5

What does your fee do?

Money collected from the sale of dog licences supports BWG’s entire Animal Services program, which:

  • responds to calls about lost pets, animals at large and dog bites.
  • gets dogs home fast! By requiring annual licences and a tag on each dog's collar, our records with owners’ contact information are up-to-date (microchips and lifetime tags often aren’t).
  • rescues and shelters sick, injured and stray domestic animals and helps unclaimed animals find new homes.
  • shares missing pet posts and photos of found animals on Facebook. Follow at: