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Check out the BWG Library’s YA collection for a great read and a chance to find a Golden Ticket!

Readers could win one of 10 prize bags
PH-Golden nov18
BWG Library Photo

It’s every child’s dream to find a golden ticket in a Wonka chocolate bar and be invited to Wonka’s magical chocolate factory. At the BWG Library, the magic will be recreated as teens and other readers of Young Adult (YA) books hunt for hidden golden tickets. 

Golden tickets have been tucked into 10 different books, so readers of YA have the opportunity to find one and redeem it for a prize bag. 

Tickets will not be easy to find within the Library’s ever-growing YA collection, which includes copious non-fiction, fiction and graphic novel titles. The tickets may be hidden in new titles as well as older, popular works. Along with the ticket, we hope that the real prize will be discovering a fantastic read!