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Curbside Treasure Hunt Days Are Back This Weekend!

On May 27th and 28th, place unwanted, gently used items at the curb for other residents to take.
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Find stuff you want. Get rid of stuff you don’t want. Happy people, happy planet.

BWG’s Curbside Treasure Hunt Days are taking place on May 27th and 28th. Town of BWG residents are invited to place unwanted, gently used items at the curb for other residents to take for their own use. This is a great opportunity to give unwanted items a new life while keeping them out of landfill!

Here is what you need to know about the event and how you can participate.

Giving Treasure Away
Place unwanted, gently used items at the curb in front of your home starting at 7:00 am on Saturday, June 4, with a “FREE” label affixed to the item. You can make your own label, or download and print BWG signs available at When you place your items at the curb, please remember to keep sidewalks and hydrants clear and put away the items you do not want to give away to avoid confusion.

Unclaimed items must be removed from the curb by 7:00 pm on Sunday, May 28th. If items are left at the curb after Treasure Hunt Days are over, it could result in a by-law violation.

Please be mindful of the items you are giving away:

  • Only put out items that are still in good condition for re-use or able to be repaired.
  • Any item that can pose a danger to another person must not be left at the curb. For example, appliances with doors that a child could crawl into and get trapped should not be left out or should have the door removed first. Anything with a sharp point or edge may not be left out.
  • Safety equipment such as car seats and helmets should not be reused/given away. Please visit the Consumer Product Safety Bureau to find out about items that are not safe to give away.

If you are hunting for treasure, please be respectful to your neighbours and their properties, and only take items that are marked free. If there is any doubt, particularly about items like bicycles and sports nets, do not take the item.

To learn more about Curbside Treasure Hunt Days, how to hunt for treasure, and what to do with unclaimed items, please visit: