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Summer Camp One-to-One Inclusion Support

How to register for One-to-One Inclusion support
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Does your child require One-to-One Inclusion support for the upcoming BWG Summer Camp? One-to-one support is available and is provided by a Town Inclusion Support Facilitator. Our Inclusion Support Facilitators are qualified employees who work closely with our inclusion camper’s week to week.

Support provided in camp can include but is not limited to; program adaptation, redirection for safety reasons, allowing for opportunities for sensory or emotional breaks, and help with personal care. ⁠

When registering for Inclusion One-to-One support in BWG Summer Camps, follow the steps below: ⁠

1.         Contact the Inclusion Coordinator for an intake phone call and discuss the suitability of the program. ⁠

2.         After the intake call, if the program is suitable for the camper, the Inclusion Coordinator will register your camper for 2 weeks’ maximum of summer camp. ⁠

3.         Complete the All About Me package and hand in your child’s IEP and Safety Plan. ⁠

4.         Attend an in-person meeting with the Inclusion Coordinator. ⁠

5.         Camper will be paired with Inclusion Support Facilitator by the Inclusion Coordinator. ⁠

6.         Attend Inclusion Meet n’ Greet to meet all staff before camp starts. ⁠

For more information please contact Natalie Coutss, Inclusion Coordinator at [email protected].