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WATCH: Up Close & Personal with author and wine expert Natalie MacLean

Best selling Canadian author and wine expert Natalie MacLean goes one-on-one with Scott Sexsmith to talk about how her love for wine turned into a career, the perfect pairings and of course her new book

Well known Canadian author and wine expert, Natalie MacLean has just released her third book, “Wine Witch on Fire: Rising from the Ashes of Divorce, Defamation and Drinking Too Much”. It’s a powerful memoir about how one woman resurrects her life and career in the wine industry.

On this episode of Up Close & Personal, Natalie joins host Scott Sexsmith to talk about everything from her shift from the high tech industry to chasing her dream of working with wine and all of the obstacles she had to overcome to make it happen. Also, busting the myths of having to drink certain wines with certain foods.

To find out more about Natalie’s free online food and pairing class and her podcast Unreserved Wine Talk, be sure to visit Natalie’s website.