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Family owned auto shop looks at ways to save customers money

In this week's What's Up Wednesday, we check out The Car Guy auto service shop
The people behind The Car Guy shop: Brad Pearsall and Debbie Rego and their two boys, Liam and Noah. Natasha Philpott/BradfordToday

The Car Guy located in central Bradford has been in business now for just over three years. 

Almost as if by accident, owners and couple Brad Pearsall and Debbie Rego said they never intended to have their own automotive service business. 

“It was kind of a weird thing that just came about, the place I was working for went out of business and we kind of had things started at home, we didn’t have any real intentions of starting a business but it just sort of fell into place,” explained Pearsall. 

Unsure, they decided to “just take the risk and do it,” and haven’t looked back since.

They were happy to be their own bosses, getting to help people with their car maintenance and troubles in an honest, reliable way. 

“We get a huge satisfaction of being able to help people,” said Rego. 

The couple who live in Gilford says they chose to open a business in Bradford because of the growing community. 

“We like Gilford because it’s very quiet, but I like Bradford because there is a lot of stuff to do here, and everyone is very helpful,” said Rego.

They enjoy their shop's central location in town as well. 

“Eighty percent of our customers can walk home,” explained Pearsall. 
“It’s a nice central location where they can walk home, and leave their car for a little while or go shopping instead of staying here listening to loud noises.”

“It’s a very convenient location.”

The couple met eight years ago while both were working at different car dealerships in the same plaza. 

They have two sons, Liam and Noah who are actively involved in the Bradford community as well. Their oldest son, Liam loves hockey and is part of the Bradford Bulldogs team. 

“He’s obsessed with it, he loves it,” said Rego.

The family has always had a passion for Canada’s favourite game, and before starting their business they used to billet hockey players from other countries for six months at a time. 

“The first year we had five kids, and two years ago we had seven,” said Rego. 

The shop has built a reputation as being honest and reliable. Their clientele is mainly from Bradford but they even have some customers who come from as far as Angus and Lindsay. 

“Everyone that comes in here thinks they’re going to spend a million dollars, and expect that,” explained Pearsall. 

But both he and Rego say they are always looking to help their customers save money any way they can. 

“By doing that, people trust us, and you get more business that way,” said Rego. 

“I always say I want their business for years to come, as opposed to empty your wallet now and never come back,” said Pearsall. 

“Treat them with honesty and respect, and fairly and they will come back.”

The pair says they have built a lot of friendships through the business, and their clients have become like family to them.

"They treat our kids like they are part of the family, they bring them gifts and treats,” said Rego.

“We’ve made a lot of friends doing this,” said Rego. 

The shop is open six days a week with Pearsall in the shop everyday, while Rego balances her time between the home office and the shop. To learn more about their services, check out their website here.

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