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WHAT'S UP WEDNESDAY: Creative pastimes turn into business venture for mother-son duo (4 photos)

Mother and son duo make unique jewellery and baked good creations with their local small business

Bradford mother-son duo, Michelle and Celeste Mlynczyk, have been running their small business Cute ‘n’ Creepy Creations together since 2018. 

The pair started off with a booth at the Bradford Farmers' Market, selling clay and repurposed jewellery and felted crafts; everything from polymer clay earrings, necklaces, and charms to cross-stitches and knitted crafts.

It was during the pandemic, just two years after their initial startup, that the pair discovered a passion for baking and soon expanded their business to include homemade baked goods. They offer a wide variety of baked goods and confections including donuts and cake pops and will accommodate individual dietary restrictions such as nut-free and gluten-free products upon request. Their bestsellers are their mini cinnamon brioche donuts, lollipops and cake pops. 

Michelle and Celeste say that when they started Cute ‘n’ Creepy Creations, their biggest struggle was establishing a clientele – Now, with a more prominent social media presence, combined with their connections from the Bradford Farmer’s Market, they have been able to reach a wider audience. The pair have learned that everything takes time, patience is key and it's important to be aware of each customer’s needs. 

Michelle and Celeste also offer themed loots bags for birthday parties and special events.  They hope to eventually be able to start offering treat table services for bridal and baby showers.

How does the pair stay inspired to create?

Their customers. And the pleasure that their work brings to them. 

“The joy of always trying and learning something new,” added Celeste.

One of their favourite parts of the business is getting to thrift together when searching for unique pieces for their repurposed jewellery. 

Michelle and Celeste encourage anyone who wants to start their own business to take a chance, and "go for it". 

“Make sure you do something you enjoy and believe in!” said Michelle.

To learn more about Cute ‘n’ Creepy Creations visit their website here, Instagram @cute_creepy_creations.