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Q&A: York-Simcoe PC candidate Caroline Mulroney

We asked the same five questions to all six of York-Simcoe’s provincial election candidates. This is what the Progressive Conservative’s Caroline Mulroney had to say.
Caroline Mulroney
PC York-Simcoe MPP candidate Caroline Mulroney. Submitted photo

What are the top three biggest issues facing York-Simcoe?

Everywhere I go in York-Simcoe, I hear from people that life has been getting harder under Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals.

I hear about the impact that skyrocketing hydro rates are having on families, farmers and businesses.

I hear about the increasing wait times patients are facing at hospitals like Southlake Regional Health Centre, and the need for more mental health care services.

I hear from people that they can’t afford the never-ending taxes being levied by this Liberal government.

I hear from parents that child care is becoming more and more expensive.

I hear from farmers and small business owners that they’re struggling to be successful under a mountain of red tape.

I hear from commuters that we need new infrastructure, like the Highway 400-404 Connecting Link, to provide relief from the congestion on our roads that is keeping them in their cars more, and their homes less.

I hear that people feel like Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have been ignoring York-Simcoe for 15 years.

It would be a disservice to the residents of this riding to distill the frustrations and concerns I hear at the doors into just three points.

It’s time to do things differently in Ontario, and we need a government that will get out of the way and stop making life harder for people.

How will you help Bradford West Gwillimbury manage its growth?

As the second fastest growing municipality in Ontario, Bradford West Gwillimbury is welcoming more and more people looking to call the community home.

But in order to ensure this growth is sustainable, it must be accompanied by sufficient infrastructure.

We cannot afford to see vital projects, like the Connecting Link, delayed any further if we are going to meet the needs of our community in the coming years.

Which is why, if elected, I am committed to working with our municipal representatives to determine what projects are priority, and how we can work together to see them realized efficiently and affordably.

Where do Ontarians experience the most red tape, and what needs to be done about it?

Farmers in Holland Marsh are feeding not only our communities, but our province, our country and the world. Under this Liberal government though, they have faced increasing burdens associated with red tape and regulation.

Much of this is in the form of paperwork that is often duplicated.

Did you know that farmers are required to report to 28 separate provincial ministries and 19 separate federal ministries? This means that they’re spending more time in an office chair, and less time in their fields.

Which is why I’ve been listening to our agricultural partners, and they’ve shared with me that a good first step in addressing the burden of red tape is to start streamlining these reporting processes by eliminating the silos that have been created between ministries over the past 15 years. We need to end the duplication, and ensure that our farmers are out doing what they do best: feeding people.

If elected, what would be your first priority?

If elected, my first priority will be to help make life more affordable for people in York-Simcoe.

We also need to finally see the Connecting Link built, healthcare services that meet the needs of a growing community, and lower taxes for hard-working Ontarians.

These aren’t just my priorities, they’re what people across the riding have told me they need, and they’re what I’m committed to delivering on.

What do you want York-Simcoe residents to know about you?

This provincial election is about what matters to the people of York-Simcoe and Ontario.

People want to build more prosperous lives for themselves and their families, but they feel every day like the weight of the government is against them.

Which is why we need a government, and a representative, that looks beyond the next election. We need someone who will listen to the concerns of the people, care about helping those that need it, and stand up for our communities, both now and in the future.

It’s my commitment to the people of this riding, and it’s what I will work for every day at Queen’s Park if I have your trust and support on June 7.