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The Town of BWG’s Asset Management Plan Work is Underway

As part of the Town’s Asset Management Plan work on Collings Ave and Magani Drive is well under way!
Town of BWG Photo

Recent improvements include:

  • Removal and replacement of sections of damages curb and sidewalk
  • The Adjustment of catch basin frame and grates to grade
  • The completion of driveway tie-ins and boulevard restoration, where required
  • Milling of the existing asphalt (full depth)
  • The Installation of base hot-mix asphalt

Remaining work to be completed:

  • The adjustment of maintenance of holes frames and covers
  • Repair of several sections of curb damaged as part of the asphalt milling, (and all associated work),
  • The installation of top course hot-mix asphalt

The remainder of work is expected to take a couple of weeks to complete, weather permitting.